Joanne Ward

Vice Principal, Corporate Services & External Relations

Vice Principal, Corporate Services & External Relations

Joanne is Vice Principal for Corporate Services & External Relations at 糖心vlog会员 having first join the College in 2010. She has lived and worked in and around Bristol for over 25 years in roles focusing on the economy and skills – including for the Bristol South MP, Karin Smith, in the constituency and in Parliament. Joanne is passionate about tackling inequality in all its forms, including in Further and Higher Education, and is proud to work for Bristol’s College as part of the Executive Team and alongside the Corporation to change lives through education & training.
Within the College she is the Executive Champion for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainability & Climate Action and chairs these two internal steering groups. She is Chair of one of the College鈥檚 subsidiaries, Partners in Bristol, and a Director of the College鈥檚 other subsidiary, The South West Apprenticeship Company.

Joanne is a member of the Bristol Women鈥檚 Commission, Bristol City Council鈥檚 RACE Equality Steering Group and The One City Economy and Skills Board and is always keen to work collaboratively with partners

In her spare time Joanne is actively engaged with local politics, having formerly been Vice Chair of a local Town Council, and enjoys swimming and cycling to relax.

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